Youth Fellowship Review by Emil

So, after an awesome 2007, we started off 2008 with a big fellowship.† People from all over came. Some old faces, some new faces, and the faces that go to activities all the time.†

All in all it was everything I expected and wanted it to be.† Since the week before I was so hyped about the fellowship. The day before the fellowship the youth ended up going out, so we pretty much broke the ice already with the 3 heads from Cali.†

The actual fellowship was GREAT! We laughed, we played games, we ate, we cried, all the things youíd expect from a BNP function.† Out of an entire day of awesomeness, I think the best part was that so many people came and shared and was open.† Besides the usual 8-12 active people, a total of almost 20 more came and the room was filled with graces.†

From all the people I got a little grace from everyone.† These are the kinda things that make BNP family.† After I left the fellowship and passing my light to the people around me, I went home and passed the light to a buncha other people.† Felt great to know that this is just the beginning! NYC Satelite HERE WE COME! Cheesy

- Emil "email" Leano

Youth Fellowship Review by Grace

Well first off, I think the fellowship is a great way to keep the youth in check reason being is that when the youth interact with other youths and when they talk about real life experiences it gives them a chance to put their opinions and experience in the conversation.

It also gives them a chance to talk about their problems and the fellowship helps them know that we are theri for them.

In my experience, I was one of thoes people who I thought I had no one to talk to but when we split up into our age groups I thought the problems I was going through no one would understand yet the women I were with, they were going thru the same thing and now I don't feel so alone, I feel so much better because I opened up to them and cried it all out. So as of now I feel so much better and I'm so blessed to have the NyC youth ministry their for me

- Grace "in yo face" De Jesus

Youth Fellowship Review by Nikki

I was very excited having the chance to go to New York and attend the Youth Fellowship. New York has always supported the YM Michigan Satellite in our retreats and other functions like Summer of Champions and I always wanted to support NY and this was the perfect opportunity. The whole weekend can best be described in two words: Graceful and inspirational. Going to NY, I have to admit that my grace meter was a little low, but just being around the youth really graced me up and inspired me to continue going strong in His mission for the BNP to spread His word to the youth. Being a satellite takes 110% commitment and dedication. I see so much potential in the youth in NY. I see them being a part of the very big picture of the Youth Ministry we have today.

Friday night for the late "Christmas in the City" was a great ice breaker for all of us to get to know each other and just spend time with each other in a less formal setting. Being with the youth that night reminded me of how much we are all the same, no matter what area we're from. We all know how to have fun and enjoy each other's company. It was a great way to prepare for the Fellowship the following day.

I absolutely fell in love with the chapter of New York. The youth there are both different and the same there in many ways. I hope we can all work together to unite as one youth ministry and help each other to grow as satellites and to spread His mission that He called us for. My best wishes to the NY youth in hopes that you all reach your goal to becoming a satellite. My only advice is to remember Who you are working so hard for... for Him. There's no other reason. If you focus on Him, He will take care of it all. He always has, He always will. There are many great Kuya's and Ate's there in NY to lead the youth and they are great examples for the younger ones as well. I will always continue to pray for you guys for you have a special place in my heart. Really! I couldn't stop talking about how great it was being there. I really wanted to go to the sharing after Georgia's Diner. I wanted to keep talking and sharing with the youth to better get to know them.

Thank you NY Chapter for welcoming me with open arms and open hearts! I hope that we will meet again soon and that you guys continue to go strong in your service. Keep the faith and always remember to trust Him. 'Til we meet again, I LOVE YOU ALL :)

- Nicole

Starting 2008 - Youth Fellowship

As we start this new year and start the activities again, we are giong to be starting with a fellowship on January 19th.

This fellowship will be open to all Panawagan & Marian retreat graduates and we are expecting over 30+ youth to attend. There will be youth from Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego and Michigan who will be attending - so if they can make the trip out here to support us it would be great if we all come through for this weekend!

It's a great way to start the year with this fellowship as we get to learn more about the youth locally, but also in other chapters as well. There will be a lot of games, food and a lot of new things to experience and learn during this fellowship.

Everyone is invited, even if you don't consider yourself a youth anymore, just come and be there! This fellowship will serve as a jump off point for the rest of our activities this coming year and it would be a good place to meet youth that you've never met before as well as those from out of state.

Come and share this weekend with us and let's see what 2008 has instore for the BNP New York Youth Ministry.

For more info contact me at or contact Gerard at (cell 201-344-0287)

- Simon "the (P)eater" Raymundo

Short Year In Review

There are many words that can describe the entire year of 2007 for the Youth Ministry of BNP New York Chapter: Perseverance, Sacrifice, Hunger, Transformation, Fellowship and Revival. Out of all those words, I'm sure one can sum it all up: Magkaisa. As this was our theme for our 2nd Annual BASIC 110 Talent Show & Cultural Movement, it transformed into a reoccurring theme in all our actions together.

In early 2007, the Youth did not have a strong identity or sense of who they are as their role in the Banal Na Pag-aaral. We just had collective goals and plans. It all began as a strong number of YM were able to attend the Holyweek activities in Ontario, California. They came back showered with graces of MNI and inspired the rest of their brothers and sisters. From there came about the idea of a project where the Youth can collectively work together. That idea was putting on a show of various Filipino Cultural Dance depicting traditional dance from all three main regions of the Philippines. The show was entitled Magkaisa: A Cultural Movement. Magkaisa in the Filipino language meaning, "to be of one". It was incorporated into the annual BASIC110 Talent Show. The participating youth dedicated their weekends for 3 months practicing and learning the traditional dance. As a result of their hardwork and dedication, they put on a very successful show. The show itself was not the only success, we grew our relationship and created stronger ties as brothers and sisters. Age and cliques slowly faded away as we all became One family, who worked for the same goal and for God. Our time together did not end at practice, we hung out, shared laughs and transformed from friends to family. We made a point to celebrate the success of our project at a weekend pool party where it was all fun and fun, but we couldn't forget the solemn portion =). Shortly after, the entire NY Chapter was tasked with the challenge of putting on a full length Broadway show during the Feastday Celebration in California in October. Again, the Youth also stayed involved and very much wanted to be part of this project known as Beyond the Barricade. They again practiced hard, this time with the rest of the chapter learning lines, songs, choreography and acting methods. The show was beautiful. Ate Salve was very happy with NY and as she knew the chapter can handle the project, she also knew it would make us a stronger group. That it did, as the Youth also strengthened their relationships with their fellow Vigil Adorers and Staff. Through the long months of practice, the Youth still took time to do other activities whether it was just hanging out and sharing, taking long trips. In the August, 7 Youth represented the New York Chapter in the very first World Youth Conference held in the Cultural Arts Center in California. It was indeed an experience to remember, seeing Youth from all over the U.S. and as far as Philippines, Hawaii and Austrailia. We were graced by the presence of Mahal Na Ingkong and His strong messages to the YM, certainly a life changing experience. In September, it was onto Michigan where they represented New York in their Annual Summer of Champions Sportsfest. It was an awesome experience to compete with youth from other chapters such as Michigan, Toronto and Chicago. We still took the time to share with each other and our experiences in the BNP. The Youth rounded out the year, with having meetings and gatherings still sharing our experiences and further growing strong as brothers and sisters.

After all that, the group is bigger now, and have this past year of experience to carry them further. They all share their goals and dreams they are so willing to work for in Banal Na Pag-aaral whether it is having another Panawagan Class, serving fellow brothers and sisters, another talent show, or becoming an official YM Satellite. They have accomplished so much in this service and the look for more. They are hungry for MNI's love and graces, to serve the Mission and spread His Love and bringing souls back to God. I personally can call 2007 a significant step for the NY Youth towards being a satellite. I speak for the rest of the Youth leaders, when I say they have established the identity they did not have earlier. They have opened their hearts and minds to their roles as a Youth Ministry.

On behalf of the Youth Ministry of New York, we thank Mahal Na Ingkong for the wonderful privilege of Serving Him. Thank you to the Youth Assigned Staff and Regular Staff for their unbelievable support and help in every YM endeavor. To the parents of the Youth who have also been supportive and allowed their children to be involved in serving the Lord. Finally, to our fellow Youth, so many are proud of what you all have done this year. I am sure we are all looking forward to 2008, where our strength as group will go further in serving at 110% and reminding everyone that the Youth Ministry is Magkaisa under God.

- Bro. Gerard "the animal" Garcia

Christmas In the City

This weekend we did the Christmas in the City that we had been planning for a short while. We were going to scrap the idea and just have a meeting with the older youth so that we could reorganize things for the upcoming new year ... but a lot of the other youth were looking forward to it.

Gerard and Jen also came up with a great idea for the CiC - we were going to do a picture scavenger hunt! We would get a list of things and then we would have to take pictures of them throughout the city, but it wasn't as easy as it sounded. Some of the things on the list were easy like "building," "tree" and things like that ... but there were other things where you needed to get pictures of like "emotion," "let go," "out of place." Some of the "teams" that we had just took pictures of whatever they could and did it as fast as they could. A few others took more "thought provoking" pictures that needed some sort of explanation since they weren't that straight forward.

The day started out later than we expected and there were a good number of us that went. The Christmas shoppers and the tourists were a big obstacle for us since we had a lot of people in our group, we would try to make our way through the crowds and not lose each other in the process. It was a physical battle and also a mental battle since we were trying not to get mad at the people pushing and shoving their way through the crowds.

It was hard to "enjoy" the day with the other youth at first because we were trying to make sure we didn't lose anyone and that we were altogether, but as the day progressed we were able to take more pictures together and just hang out together as the youth can only hang out.

We topped off the day by going to St. Patrick's Cathedral and we even had our very own tour guide! Patrick talked to us about some of the different things in St. Pat's and we walked around as he told us what some of the statues and some of the stories behind them. Besides the youth, Patrick started to draw the attention of other people who were listening to him give the tour - maybe a good side job huh Pat?

The Christmas in the City started out a little bit chaotic but ended on a very high note. It was as if we had "solemn portion" when we ended up in St. Patrick's. Being there with the youth and seeing some of them pray in the Lady Chapel was very inspiring and just seeing all of us together having a good time also made the whole day a wonderful experience.

Maybe next time we could do the city thing when it's not holiday shopping or holiday tourists all over the streets of NYC. One of the things that I noticed was the difference in the crowds that were outside shopping and the crowds inside St. Pat's. The Cathedral was also crowded and filled with people, but instead of trying to fight your way through the crowds and pushing people out of the way, people were very courteous and nice about the way they tried to make their way through the Church.

Hopefully we can do this again with some more of the youth next time around. We definitely have to do the picture scavenger hunt again!!!

For more pictures from the Christmas in the City and pictures fromt he scavenger hunt, check out the gallery and also the forums.

- Sime "on time" Raymundo

Young Women's Retreat Class Number 63

The young womenís class #63 was the first class I had ever served. All of my experiences, from the preparations to the actual retreat, were amazing and will always remain in my heart and mind.

I remember that in October, I would hear on a daily basis so many stories about school shootings, fatalities of child abuse, and abductions by lurking pedophiles. I always immediately feared for my two young sisters who are only ten and eleven years old. I felt ashamed that this is the world they have to grow up in and it seems only to be getting worse. I even felt heartbroken knowing that our youth was being deliberately burdened and harmed by means of emotional neglect, physical cruelty, and being constantly exposed to foul examples of addiction and hate.

If it was that bothersome for me to hear on TV, I could only imagine how painful it is for our Father. It was then that it occurred to me how much I wanted this youth retreat to push through. The retreat would be a perfect invitation to share, with as many young people as possible, the opportunity to know that among all the pain being caused by the wrong doings of themselves and of others, MNI is the real example and pillar of unconditional love, forgiveness, protection, guidance, and happiness.

The spiritual preparation was a first-time experience for me. In the past I mostly prayed for my own intentions or for people who were close to me. So I was surprised with how often I found myself genuinely talking to God and freely offering Him my personal sacrifices for a group of individuals I didnít even know.

In the days leading up to the retreat, I was eager to get a glimpse of what everything was like behind the scenes, and also curious to know what my assignment might be. I secretly hoped to be assigned in the kitchen because, well, I love to cook and I love food! Hahaha! But when I heard that I was going to be one of the rectors, I felt some mixed emotions. I was so excited and privileged by the opportunity yet very nervous at the possibility that I would somehow disappoint our chapter, our candidates, and God by not knowing what to do in that role. Then I was told that I shouldnít worry too much, because eventually things would just happen naturally. I was told that if I had any doubts or questions, to pray for His help, and He would be there to guide me so everything would unfold as He intended.

After meeting the candidates on Friday night, and getting to know them throughout the weekend, I learned we share a lot of common interests and talents. It was really moving to hear them talk about how theyíve been waiting a long time to attend a retreat, how they heard from other people how good it feels to be there, and how they were really excited to serve someday too. It was uplifting to hear that they were all open to describe to me how they felt about the class and the new appreciation and insights they gained. I could tell by the smiles and tears on their faces at their graduation, that the love and graces they experienced were true.

And for me, to be able to experience parts of the retreat over again, it felt like the first time but so much stronger. Itís like watching a movie for the second time; you pick up things you missed the first time around. I prayed twice as hard, cried twice as much, and slept half as much, BUT! the overall joy I felt that weekend was ten times stronger than when I was just a candidate.

In the end, the class was successful and Iíve learned so much! Iím thankful for the firsthand lessons in patience, faith, and sacrifice. Iím thankful for the times I was able to bond with the BNP family. And very grateful to MNI for being granted the opportunities to serve Him and to once again be filled beyond the brim with His love and grace. To our Sisters in Christ of class #63, Iím so hopeful that all of you will continue on to serve with us in the Youth Ministry. The experience of it all is so memorable! I wouldnít hesitate to do it all over again! In fact, Iím really looking forward to it. It really is just the beginningÖ

-Sis. Jen "the tetser" Lomboy

I am your Sister in Christ, Nikki Escueta, very fortunate to have graduated the BNP Youth Ministry Class #43 on Nov. 19-21, 2004 in Edison, New Jersey, UNDER THE GRACE OF GOD!!! Also, very fortunate to have graduated the Marian Retreat Class #228 on May 7, 2005 in Edison, New Jersey, under the guidance and blessings of Mama Mary.

This retreat was the first time that I have ever served. 1 word for me to describe this retreat would have to be amazing. It was such a special time, because we were all waiting last minute for it to really push through. There were doubts because of the number of candidates confirmed. But thank God, that last minute 4 more candidates came to make the class exactly 30. At first, I was very nervous but I knew that I was doing what Mahal Na Ingkong wants me to do, which is to carry out the mission of the BNP. The girls in the retreat were all very sweet, caring, fun, and cooperative. Being in the class and serving for me were two totally different experiences.

I think that I cried much more this weekend then my own retreat. I was so happy the whole time, even though I was really tired or anything like that. I just prayed for Jesus to stay with me and give me the strength to stay up and do my job. During the weekend, I constantly felt the presence of MNI in me, feeling goose bumps. It was crazy, nerve-racking, yet at the same time it felt right. I felt so safe. The staff was great, also. I only had one candidate that went to the retreat, and I invited her to go because I knew she would experience something she never has before, and realize things that she may have taken for granted. After it, I was so happy to hear that she enjoyed it and wanted to remain active in the BNP.

So, I just want to say thank you to all the other servers, the staff, everyone who prepared for this retreat, and also the newly graduated young women of Class #63 for opening their hearts, minds, and souls to Jesus Christ. And of course, I thank Mahal Na Ingkong for giving me the opportunity to serve him this past weekend. I canít wait til the next retreat to serve. God bless!

-Sis. Nikki "D Money the Step Child" Escueta

Sharing Day - Fellowship

What a difference a day makes...

What a difference a day makes, yesterday we had a fellowship in NJ and it was something we most definitely needed. It was supposed to be NY/NJ YM, but for some reason only a few of us was present, for what ever reason they had I guess MNI planned it that way. So there we were, 4 staffs and 8 YMs .. hmm 12? what a nice number hehe... So the round table had began, we started by answering questions. I loved all the questions that were asked, they were totally in-gear with the upcoming class, as i was sitting there observing, listening and participating. Out of the three I think listening was the most important for me, even though some of the sharings i heard before it was great hearing them again. It was even more a treat hearing Ate Maria Victoria Victoriano Leano.. aka "Ate Bebot". Wow powerful stuff guys, if you get a chance to please please ask her to share...Actually any of the staffs get them sharing you will hear a lot of great stories.

Our round table was small and intimate, I believe that maybe it was meant to be that way. Listening to the kids interacting with the adults it was such a great sight to see and be apart of. Out of all the questions I think the one I really liked was ( i'll probably get this wrong... I always do hehe ) " What part of the class did you feel MNI the most." i think that was it... don't quote me please. But anyways hearing the replies was so awesome it made me really want to help push for this class, because I mean imagine how priveliged we are to be apart of this movement, where we have the opportunity to share what we learned and experienced to all of our friends and family.

I believe this fellowship was a great way to start the fire going for this class, please lets use every chance we can to keep it going, G muny has helped us light the fire now lets keep it burning. I guess that's it for now, here are highlights and pictures. Even if you don't understand and want to learn more about the words don't be
shy and ask the person who said it. Oh yah this saturday I also noticed a growth not only in our bond as a Chapter but also a special shout out goes to G muny I see great things ahead bro and with you leading us there. I see the fire trying to burst out man just be patient and take it all in stride and WE are here to back you up bro. Oh ya by the way sorry rodney and milette i didn't get to take ur pics coz our sharing was going on so i didn't want to mess it up by taking pics..

- Bro. Arvin "Chinoy" Ong

Ate Bebot - Light/Happy CLow - Free Ate Christine - Revelation/Turning Point


Duy - Life Changing Emil - Fulfilling G Muny - Eye Opener



Kristelle - Numbing Ate Lisa - Deep Mark - Wisdom

Sharing Day - Fellowship

For me, the fellowship was actually better then i first expected. I got excited when I heard it was in Jersey because then the Jersey didn't have an excuse not to go. But when me, Arvin and Dudoy got there 3 hours late, all we saw was G muny and his dad. I got a little disappointed that pretty much no one was there. Eventually Mark, Kristelle, Milette and Rodney showed up and joined the sharing.

The format of the fellowship was like some of the sharings in vigils, where you would answer the questions on paper and then share them with the room. It was mostly an experience to learn more about each other and our BNP lives. I put down mostly stuff everyone know about me, like how my class was, what my favorite moment was during the retreat, and the closest Ii felt to MNI during the retreat. When I read out my answers I knew everyone know them because I knew mostly everyone there since I was little, and I thought I pretty much knew everyone's story as well. But once I heard other people share I found out things I never knew before about them. I even heard my mom speak about her retreat and her experience there! And my mom like, never publicly talks at all, so hearing her sharing was really cool.

With the little people we had compared to the number of people i expected, I thought the fellowship was a great success! Even though we were so few, and we never got our pizza, I actually learned alot from the experience and it was a great way to start getting active again since I had be in-active for so long.

- Emil "the shleel" Leano

Summer of Champions

There was 8 of us that participated in the Summer of Champions in Michigan. It was Arvin, Simon, Ricardo, Richard, Millette, Jerry, Mark, and I. We were hyped up and pumped. We couldnt wait for all the sharings, sports, and bonding we would do with our BASIC.

When we first arrived at the Nayre's house,around 10:30, they were closing vigil. It was pretty cool to start off this whole experience with the pito pito. That night i slept pretty early because i wanted to get good rest for the next day. When i woke up the house was PACKED with BIC (brothers in christ). We made our way to the gym after breakfast.

The Ohio, Windsor, Michigan, Chicago, and Michigan chapters were also present. Since our chapter and the Ohio chapter came with so little people, they combined us, to make OHIYORK. We had just enough players to participate in all the activities. We played about 15-16 games STRAIGHT! NONSTOP! Sometimes even playing 2 sports at once! At the end of the day, we ended up being the champs of basketball and dodgeball! We even got THE belt!! Out of all thje chapters, the ones who talked the least trash won! lol.

After this we had a mass and a picninc at a near by park. During this picnic, we demonstrated the "bulldog" on a few people who didn't have a clue on to what it was. goood times!

That night we had a sharing night or a mini ultreya type thing back at the Nayre's house. It was GREAT hearing from so many different people from so many different chapters share on how they keep their graces.. Even though i was kinda forced to share... i don't regret a single thing.

The next day, we attended a fatima nearby. I noticed that it was very different from the fatimas here. There were so many mroe people. Later that day we decided to go bowlingbowlingbowlingbowling. Bowling with Michigan was HILARIOUS! During ym 2nd game, my first four frames wer 0s because we just kept fooling aruond. When we arrived back at the houes, we decided to share. Even though a few knocked out, it was a VERY GRACEFUL sharing. The topic was What was your most memorable experience in BNP? Everyone had so many different stories, it was AWESOME.

Around 12pm or 1pm on monday, we drove to Cedar Point. This was absolutely INSANE. People were screaming, throwing up, splashing people, sharing panchos, wearing hotdogs on their heads, it was just TOO FUN. Even though the weather wasn't all that great, I think it just made it more fun. I didn't care about getting sick, soaking my kicks, ANYTHING. I just wanted to have fun fun fun! After this Michigan and New York went out to eat. We ended up going to Friendly's. Just imagine 17 youth crammed into a diner just having a great time. It was beautiful.

Going to Michigan, we were expecting to just participate in all the sports, share, then go home. BUT we recieved SOOOOO much more. Not only did we recieves a trophy and a belt, but we recieved a spiritual boost that we can now share with the BASIC back home, here in NY and NJ. I started off the summer by serving in Michigan, and now i end it with the SOC in Michigan. This is the most graceful season i have ever had! and THANK YOU SOOO MUCH TO EVERYONE!! ESPECIALLY THE MICHIGAN SATELITE FOR EVERY SINGLE THING! We really reallly really appreciate it and can't wait to see everyone again! Peace out! MNI BLESS!

-D munee Doy (Michael "Dudoy" Raymundo)


For those who went to Rome during the summer, welcome back and thank you for all the inspirational stories that you brought back with you!

Invites are still open for this retreat which will be for young women and men, ages 14-24.

If you have any candidates please have them fill out the RSVP forms ASAP.

If you have any friends, family, coworkers, strangers, enemies that you would like to invite to the retreat and share in this special experience with God, please fill out the online RSVP form.

We also have open slots for those from the youth whom want to serve in this retreat. If you want to serve please contact Simon Raymundo so that he can add you to the list.

Spiritual preparation for the retreat will be announced to all the servers that sign up and all servers will need to be spiritually prepared in order to serve this retreat.

That she may have the strength and courage from God to continue in the mission and to help bring people back to God.

He passed away on September 13th, 2008. He is a proud father, husband, brother and servant of God.

Please pray for the repose of his soul.

He was a loving husband, father and grandfather who also served in the NY Chapter, loved for his bright humor and outgoing personality. He is dearly missed.

Please pray for the repose of his soul.

She has been fighting cancer for a few years and was cancer free for a while. Her cancer recurred late last year and she is undergoing chemotherapy.

Please pray for her continued recovery.

After fighting cancer for 10 years with very limited treatment and full faith in God, she had passed away on Tuesday October 17th at 11am.

She was a very devout servant of God and served God faithfully through the BNP for over 30 years.

She will be missed as a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a coworker, a servant and as someone who always wanted to help anyone in need.

Please include her in your prayers that she spend her eternal life with Our Father in heaven.

Had passed away on October 16th at around 9pm in Carson, CA. He had been fighting with several illnesses but was alright until he had a massive stroke on October 12th.

After being brain dead for a few days the doctors along with the family decided to leave him into God's hands.

Please pray for his family and that his soul be purified in order to pass through the gates of heaven.

She passed away on September 26th at around 5pm after having a heart attack earlier that morning.

Dolores had been fighting cancer and seemed to be on a road to recovery when she suffered a heart attack and was put on life support for a few hours, where she passed away not too long after.

Please pray for her soul that God may grant her passage into His kingdom.

He passed away on September 22nd in his rest. He is a big part of the BNP community in Michigan and played a big role in bringing the BNP to Michigan.

Please pray for his family and that his soul be granted eternal rest with God the Father.

He passed away on August 8th from liver cancer.

Please pray for his family and that his soul rest in peace with God.

She was a long time staff in Washington and passed away on August 30th.

Please pray for her family and that she may be in paradise with God.

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